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Disable AdBlock - Website widgets for developers

Thief animation

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Visitor - creator cartoon

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How-to animation

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Small responsive widget with transparent background color, customizable caption and looping animation.


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Open the animated banners on a new tab: Thief | Developer | How to? | Small custom message

disable adblock widget stealing40% of internet users have AdBlock or other content filter installed in their browser. These visitors are refusing to reward content creators for their hard work. Everybody hates advertisments but ads are the necessary evil of this free service.

There are two sides of every story. You can't blame anyone for having this extension installed when many websites are using misleading or abusing advertising techniques. We've all seen popups telling that we've won some prize and there are sites where there's more ad than content. Unskippable video interruptions are also very annoying.

AdBlock is necessary to clean these abusing sites. The problem is that it harms those content creators who play fair and who would show "acceptable ads" like a small AdSense banner in the sidebar.

What is the solution?

If some visitors are blocking creators then creators have the right to detect AdBlock users and deny access to the site. These visitors are not bringing any profit to the site anyway, so they're not welcome to leech on the hard work of the creator.

JavaScript can detect if a visitor is leeching and send him a message asking him kindly to whitelist the site. Forbes for example bans every AdBlock user.

How does AdBlock work?

AdBlock is filtering advertisments effectively not just on the big sites like Facebook or YouTube but it works on almost every website. AdBlock admins can't visit each site on the Internet to check what sections to hide. They have an AI with a list of keywords that detects if something seems to be an ad. For example if you have an image link wrapped in a div element having the class advertsment then probably that will be blocked. Or if you include an wp-banners.js JavaScript file then that will be also banned. We can use this information to detect whether or not a visitor is blocking ads.


Show one of the widgets below to visitors using content filter plugins. Pick the animated banner you like the most and copy-paste the generated code in the HTML source where you'd like to render the widget.

Pick the one you like the most and use the provided script.

Embed the generated code inside your HTML code where you want the widget to render for visitors using AdBlock. The widgets won't show up for those who don't use AdBlock: