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Look for this icon next to your browser bar:

  • Pause
  • Options
  • Don't run on this domain
  • Help
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How to disable AdBlock

Juts two clicks. That's what it takes for the visitor but it helps the creator/developer of the website very much. Learn how to disable the ad blocker.

Look for the red octagon AdBlock icon in the top right corner of your web browser, next to the search bar. Click the logo that looks like a Stop traffic sign, then select Don't run on this domain option in the dropdown. Depending on your current version the available options might be slightly different.
Watch the short video above for more help.


Look for these icons to turn the ad blocker off.

Be fair and activate AdBlock only for websites that show too many, misleading or abusing ads.

For Developers »


Obligations of the Creator

  • Create valuable content
  • Update the website regularly
  • Pay for the domain name
  • Pay for uninterrupted servers
  • Promote the website
  • Do search engine optimization
  • Learn and use the latest technologies

The creator mustn't display too many or misleading ads.

Tasks for the Visitor

  • Enjoy the website
  • Be fair and disable AdBlock