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Nobody likes ads but they are the necessary evil of almost every free service.

Website owners wouldn't bother spending time and money to create and mantain free websites without any income.

Be fair and consider pausing your ad blocker to support the creators who work hard to create value

Keep the Internet free!

How to Disable AdBlock?

Just two clicks!
That's what it takes for the visitor but it helps the website creator to keep the site alive and invest in further development.

Turning off or temporarily disabling the ad blocker varies on each browser and version. Look for the icon in the website extension list and select the correct option in the dropdown menu.


Obligations of the Creator

  • Create valuable content
  • Update the website regularly
  • Pay for the domain name
  • Pay for uninterrupted servers
  • Promote the website
  • Do search engine optimization
  • Learn and use the latest technologies

The creator mustn't display too many or misleading ads, respecting Better Ads Standards.

Obligation for the Visitor

  • Enjoy the website and disable AdBlock


For Developers

Detect adBlock users and show them tailored messages and animations asking them kindly to whitelist your website. Check out our widget gallery!

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